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The War with The Locknar Hegemony is coming to an end. The enemy has been beaten back to their home in the Orion Nebula and an invasion of one their strategic star systems is underway. Lieutenant John Winslow Pratt, a rising star within the United Earth Union Navy, finds himself going from Hero to Traitor as an unknown alien encounter leaves him with missing time and a memory of a dead co-pilot. Arrested on charges of Treason, Pratt's future seems uncertain until the aliens come back for him, their purposes unknown. After an escape from the battlefield with help from Alliance Intelligence Agent, Ariel Dubois, Pratt starts a quest to unravel the mystery of his missing time and his value to the new threat. 

Pratt is no stranger to controversy but he may be in over his head as he is chased from the Orion Nebula to an Alliance Border System to the innermost circles of Locknar Royalty itself in search of answers and Justice. Answers lead to more questions and each step moves him closer to uncovering a vast galactic conspiracy older than recorded history that shakes the foundations of what he knows to be fact and change the fabric of his reality forever.


ISBN-10: 1505311020

ISBN-13: 978-1505311020

Inspector John Parker is used to catching the criminals he hunts. However, his return of Madelyne Dawes to Earth after her attempting a terrorist act on the planet Sristi is complicated by her taken away from his custody by the Office of Planetary Security under suspicious circumstances. Parker is a by-the-book cop and when he finds himself assigned to tracking down his former prisoner, who has escaped from a high-security detention center, he marshals his resources and swings into action. Aided by his new Sristi partner, Parker begins an odyssey that takes him from the underbelly of Modern Earth to the well-ordered Sristi People. As he pursues lead after lead, the clues he accumulates lead to an inescapable conclusion: the Sristi have an agenda and may not be the benevolent aliens they are making themselves out to be. What is their end game?

The Three Safeties





A random act of violence has taken Nick Carver's family away and turned his life upside down. Unable to come to terms with his loss, he falls into a deep despair that borders on suicide until a mysterious insurance adjuster arrives to settle the estate and offer him a unique opportunity to get closure. Carver is doubtful but his curiosity wins out, urging him to meet with Mr. Denton at a warehouse in Delores Cove. There, he discovers an underground complex with time travel equipment and a plan to get to the heart of matters. At first, the plan succeeds but when Carver convinces Denton and his staff to allow him to try and change the past... When Carver saves the day, he returns to a dystopian world changed by his efforts. Faced with diminishing prospects, he must rally alternate versions of those he knew in his other life and once again fix what is now broken.


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